Cork Badge Holder (custom made size)

$23 USD
7cm x 10cm | cork | light brown
Default size: 7 cm x 10 cm. We can make the card holder according to the size you provided (with in 10cm x 10cm)

Material: Made by natural cork wood. Cork wood come from bark of cork oaks.
When a cork oak reaches 25 years old, a 1 inch-thick layer of cork bark is harvested without damage to the tree. The bark of mature cork oak can be harvested every nine years. After sterilization, cork bark is pressed flat into a thin cloth.

Production: Both sides are cork. It has one plastic slot made of thick durable plastic, so the top card is visible. The opposite slot is made with cork. Denim Tag Paper acts as the centre layer. Each card holder is made by hand and therefore unique.

Features: Both sides hold cards. Comes with neck stripe. Fine grain, soft touch, water resistant, durable.

You will Never find it from the market.

Price: USD $23

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